MKZip for IBM IBM Sametime

Automatic and transparent Zip compression and decompression for IBM IBM Sametime attached files

Automatically Zip 100% of the files exchanged by your IBM IBM Sametime users.

Prevent the wasting of your costly Sametime server CPU and IO resources and of your network bandwidth.

Transfer Sametime files faster.

100% transparent Zip compression and decompression, zero user education needed.

MKZip for IBM IBM Sametime adds transparent Zip attached file compression and decompression features to the Sametime client.

Once MKZip for Sametime is installed, the files attached by the users to their Sametime IM messages get automatically and transparently compressed into Zip files, saving huge amounts of network bandwidth, diskspace and Sametime server CPU and IOs.

Zip compression of the attached files occurs on the fly, automatically and transparently on the client computers, before the files are attached to the Sametime IM messages. There is nothing to install on your Sametime servers.

MKZip also provides fully integrated automatic and transparent decompression of Zip files received in Sametime, on opening and saving.

By drastically reducing the size of your Sametime IM attached files, MKZip crunches your Sametime operating costs while boosting the global performance and reactivity of your Sametime organization.

MKZip for IBM IBM Sametime benefits from the multi-year experience of MK Net.Work in providing advanced email compression solutions to millions of IBM Notes and Domino users (more than 4 Million ZipMail users):
Most of the ZipMail Client parameters (including more than 110 configurable options) have been ported into MKZip for Sametime. Even better, if ZipMail Client for IBM Note is installed on your computer, MKZip for Sametime can automatically read the ZipMail parameters and use them for its own configuration!

No user training required:
Attach your files to Sametime as usual; simply hit the Sametime paperclip button, your selected files get instantly Zipped before being attached to your Sametime IM. All is 100% automatic and transparent, no additional action is required. Transparent and instant Zip decompression is also included!

Extensive support of Drag & Drop:
Sametime does not natively support drag and drop of files to attach. With MKZip, you can drag and drop files on your Sametime IM, they all get instantly compressed by MKZip into a Zip file that is attached automatically to your IM!

Standard Zip and AES Encryption and Decryption:
MKZip for Sametime provides the full support of the Zip standard encryption and of the AES (AES 128, AES 192 and AES 256) encryption. MKZip can be configured to display a password field in the attached file selection dialog of Sametime client, enabling the users to optionally password-protect and encrypt their attached compressed Zip files. Password rules can be defined to reinforce password strength.
When opening a Zip encrypted Sametime attached file (whatever is its encryption type), the MKZip transparent decompression feature displays a dialog enabling the user to enter the Zip file password. Access to the encrypted Zip file is granted only if the right password is provided.

Addtional security features:
Like ZipMail, MKZip for IBM Sametime provides additional security features enabling you to protect your users against the execution or the opening of unsafe or non-professional Sametime attached files (compressed or not) like exe, com, bat, mp3, avi, etc… You can define your own list of unsafe file types (a complete list of unsafe file types is provided in the MKZip help file). You can also prevent Sametime users to attach some file types (compressed or not) like for instance exe, com, bat files or avi, mp3 files. More details about MKZip security features are provided in the product help file.


The immediate benefits provided by MKZip for IBM IBM Sametime:

MKZip supports Sametime Connect (standalone version of Sametime) as well as Sametime accessed from the IBM Notes Client Sametime sidebar.


PDF Product Sheet

 MKZip for IBM Sametime PDF Product Sheet


Evaluation Copy - Try MKZip for IBM Sametime for yourself!

Please don't hesitate to see for yourself, get a fully functional evaluation version of MKZip for IBM Sametime. It takes only 1 minute to install MKZip for Sametime and start compressing your Sametime attached files!

Kindly contact us if you have questions, we'll be most pleased to answer.

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