MK Email Size Limiter for IBM Notes

Centrally define and manage powerful email usage policies for IBM Notes and Domino!

With MK ESL 100% of the emails sent across your IBM Notes / Domino organization now comply with centrally managed email usage policies.

Different email usage policies can be assigned centrally to different users and groups.

The control of the compliance of the emails with MK ESL usage policies is instantly performed on the workstations, when the users press the Send button.

MK ESL is 100% automatic and transparent and does not require any user education.

No IBM Notes templates modification is required.

Some of your IBM Notes users do not always fully understand that certain things they do within IBM Notes, although sometimes technically possible, (but sometimes not), could results in serious technical issues and in significant additional (and sometimes recurring) costs.
Sometimes, some emails are sent (by accident or not) to some recipients or some groups that should not have been addressed.

MK Email Size Limiter for IBM Notes enables Notes and Domino administrators to specify email usage policies. These policies are automatically distributed on the IBM Notes workstations and are applied locally, each time the users press the Send button.

If a given email does not comply with one of the rules of the policy allocated to a user, a dialog containing a detailed information is instantly displayed, the sent of the email is cancelled and the user is put back in edit mode, ready to modify his/her email to make it complying with the email usage policies that have been allocated to him/her.
Instead of cancelling the sending of the email, you can also define rules that only display a warning, letting the choice to the user to cancel or confirm the sending of the email, knowing exactly what he/she is doing.
With some MK ESL rules, you can define a given limit triggering a warning and a higher limit triggering the cancellation of the email sending.

With MK ESL, actions like:

can now be put under the strict control of MK ESL policies.

Some of the MK ESL rules can be configured to also apply to the saving of the emails (when the users click on "Save").

MK ESL also includes powerful rules enabling to manage NSF database quotas (for server and local NSF databases).

The email compliance control is performed locally (on the IBM Notes workstations) so the emails do not need to be sent to the Domino server to be checked against the MK Email Size Limiter policies.

MK Email Size Limiter is 100% transparent to the IBM Notes users, except when sending emails not complying with MK ESL policies. In this case a dialog is displayed explaining to the user why his/her email cannot be sent. After this dialog is cleared, the email remains displayed at screen in edit mode, enabling the user to correct it.

Each MK Email Size Limiter dialog can be customized (the dialog texts are parameters of the product).

MK Email Size Limiter for IBM Notes does not need any IBM Notes templates modification.


The immediate benefits provided by MK Email Size Limiter are:

MK Email Size Limiter is an extension to the IBM Notes Client, versions 5.02b to 8.xx.

It is a single 180 Kb Dll file, provided in an automatic setup package for instant deployment. It has both an incredibly low memory and resource footprint.

MK Email Size Limiter policies are managed on a central basis and automatically updated on the IBM Notes workstations from a central Notes database, without any end user interaction.

This central database enables you to define custom settings for each user if needed. You can define different policies that apply to different Groups and a default policy that applies by default to every user not attached to a custom policy.

The MK Email Size Limiter program itself can benefit of the same automatic update process.

Usage statistics are consolidated into the central administration database as well as data about policy updates and installed product versions.


PDF Product Sheet

MK Email Size Limiter for IBM Notes PDF Product Sheet


Evaluation Copy - Try MK Email Size Limiter for yourself!

Please don't hesitate to see for yourself, get a fully functional evaluation version of MK Email Size Limiter.
It takes only 1 minute to install and start testing!

Kindly contact us if you have questions, we'll be most pleased to answer.

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