ZipMail for IBM Notes Databases

Zip compression of the attached files and optimization of bitmaps stored within your existing IBM Notes email and non-email NSF databases

ZipMail /DB can also perform optimization of the copy and pasted bitmaps stored in the messages and documents of your existing IBM Notes databases.

The never-ending increase in IBM Notes database volumes is a problem faced by virtually all of IBM Notes customers. The bigger the organization, the bigger is the issue.

With ZipMail for IBM Notes Databases, MK Net.Work delivers a simple yet radical solution to deal with the explosion in IBM Notes database volumes.

By performing Zip compression of IBM Notes attached files, and optimization of IBM Notes copied and pasted images, ZipMail /DB can achieve a typical 30% to 50% reduction of the size of your IBM Notes Databases and so free up huge amounts of Domino server storage.


ZipMail /DB Exists in Three Versions:

ZipMail /DB Client

ZipMail /DB Client version is an add-in to your IBM Notes Client. ZipMail /DB Client version adds a new Action/Compress my database with ZipMail menu to your Notes Client, enabling you to compress the attached files in your existing IBM Notes (email and non-email) databases, saving Gigabytes of disk space on your Notes servers and/or workstations.
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ZipMail /DB Server

ZipMail /DB Server automatically compresses, on a fully scheduled basis, all the attached files stored in the Notes databases stored on your Domino servers.
ZipMail /DB Server is for 32bit and 64bit Domino servers running under Microsoft Windows. Once installed, you have a new load zipmail command in your server administration console. ZipMail /DB comes with 2 graphical parameter file editors enabling you to easily manage the ZipMail /DB Server functioning parameters and the lists of databases to compress.
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ZipMail /DB Extended Client

ZipMail /DB Extended Client (ZipMail /DB EXC) automatically compresses, on a fully scheduled basis, files in existing IBM Notes (email and non-email) databases, saving Gigabytes of disk space on your Notes servers.
ZipMail /DB EXC runs on a Windows workstation on which a IBM Notes Client having access to the server hosting the databases to process is installed. Databases can be located on any type of Notes server (Linux, AIX, Solaris, AS400-iSeries and S390). There is nothing to install on the server itself. The only thing you need is a Microsoft Windows workstation equipped with a Notes Client connected to your Notes server.
ZipMail /DB EXC can also compress databases located on a Windows Domino server, but for these platforms, we have our ZipMail /DB Server software running natively on Windows 32bit and 64bit Domino servers.
ZipMail /DB EXC can also compress databases located on a Workstation (For personal use of the database compression feature, we have our ZipMail /DB Client version.
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Expected Results

Expected compression and optimization results depend on the number, size and type of the attached files and copied and pasted images stored into your IBM Notes Databases.
So, it is not possible to do any predictions on the results you will obtain by using ZipMail /DB on your own databases.
The best way to have a realistic idea of results is to test ZipMail /DB against some of your typical IBM Notes databases.

Current net observed compression ratio is most frequently between 30% and 50%.

ZipMail for IBM Notes Databases can be run in Test Mode.
Test Mode enables you to evaluate, via simulation, the gain you will obtain by compressing a given IBM Notes database with ZipMail /DB, without replacing the existing attachments by the compressed ones.


Try ZipMail /DB for yourself!

For a full description of the ZipMail /DB family products, please go to the ZipMail /DB Client, ZipMail /DB Server and ZipMail /DB Extended Client home pages.

Please don't hesitate to see for yourself, get a fully functional evaluation version of ZipMail /DB Client, ZipMail /DB Server or ZipMail /DB Extended Client and try it with your own IBM Notes databases to see what kind of compression and optimization results you can achieve!
ZipMail /DB can be launched in Test Mode to display the compression and optimization results it is able to deliver, this without modifying your Notes documents.

Kindly contact us if you have questions, we'll be most pleased to answer.

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